Drive the change!

Laramie, Wyoming's newest auto repair shop serves you with ASE Certified mechanics and contemporary technology. Good Vibes Garage also provides our community with a unique cost assistance business model for low income families and students. Through our income-based pricing and exceptionally skilled technicians, Good Vibes is driving the change in auto repair and maintenance for Albany County. Open weekdays 8am to 5pm.


The Good Vibes mission is to provide access to safe and affordable transportation for all in the community.

ASE Certified

The Good Vibes mission is built on knowing that safe, reliable transportation is important to a happy life in Wonderful Wyoming. Good Vibes, in Certified Hands.

INcome-Based Pricing

An auto repair shop that provides a sliding scale fee structure? Only in Laradise! We charge clients based on household income. Customers who can afford standard full price repair fees pay standard rates. Those who have limited income pay what they can, without breaking the bank.

Good Vibes. Pass it on.  

Foreign & Domestic Vibes

We specialize in all domestic and Japanese makes, in addition to Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Kia. If your rig can handle the harsh Wyoming climate and road conditions, there's a high chance our modern shop and sharp technicians can repair it. Bring 'em in for the Good Vibes treatment.