Don't Be Caught Late on the first day back!

January 21, 2020 | Laramie, WY | Written & Published by B. Arnbrecht of Mountain Adventurer 307 Photography & Marketing Solutions 





Nothing sucks more than waking up early on the first day of classes all to find a dead car battery. The panic, the rush, what do you do?


Students all around the nation will be returning to classes over the next few weeks, including those at the University of Wyoming, and a small percentage will have complete and utter breakdowns on their first day back. Why? Because the wintertime can kill your vehicle if you aren’t careful.



Here are 3 tips for you if your vehicle has been sitting through winter break:


  • Start your vehicle and let it run for at least 10 minutes at some point before now and classes. This allows you to let everything cycle through but also a chance to charge that battery up, if it happens to fail on you.


  • Check your tire pressure - The cold eats away at your tire pressure, especially if it’s been sitting for 4-6 weeks. Running on inadequately aired tires can bring avoidable costly repair bills in the future. & remember if it looks low, it’s likely low!


  • Scrape the ice off! Even if you’re not going anywhere right this minute, scraping existing ice off your vehicle gives it a chance to defrost in a timely manner when it’s time to go.



Bonus Tip: Check your fluids! Make sure you have enough coolant, oil, and transmission fluid to keep your vehicle going. Not sure how? Keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs or stop into Good Vibes!



Now that you’re prepared, be sure to call Good Vibes Garage if you find anything that looks funny to you or if you’re in need of a tune-up! Text or call (307) 399-2820 or visit us at today.